Surviving the Hot List: Season 2

What happens when you drop a golf-crazed Hollywood actor and a retired NFL player into the most grueling gig in golf? At the 2023 Hot List summit, Golf Digest's cameras followed Michael Peña and Danny Woodhead's quest to ace their new jobs as rookie club testers.


Acknowledging you need help does not make you any less of a golfer. In fact, you’re probably among the largest segment of golfers. For you satisfaction is not so much dictated by the number on the bottom of the scorecard, but in the number of quality shots you hit during the round. Get the ball in the air, make better contact more often and that leads to more fun. Finding ways to score can wait. Help is on the way. The best new super game-improvement irons are designed with all that in mind. Some sets feature hybrids as standard for the long irons while others use wide-soled irons that look more like utility irons. Either way, they make those longer shots from the fairway easier than ever. Lighter shafts, whether in steel or graphite, also are found as most players in this category lack the ability to generate significant clubhead speed and the light shafts help produce extra miles per hour in speed which equates to additional yards on the shot. More yards, higher flight and easier to hit. For those willing to admit they need help, the possibilities are limitless.