Hot List

Hot List Hall of Fame: The 36 biggest game-changers since 2004


Illustrations by Michael Byers

The Golf Digest Hot List turns 20 this year, so forgive us for feeling nostalgic. When you have tested tens of thousands of clubs and chosen 2,302 of them to be on the Hot List, it’s natural that some have left an imprint. The two of us, after all, have been here for all 20 editions of the Hot List. To celebrate, we have created the Hot List Hall of Fame to honor the clubs we believe were game changers, established a trend, broke new ground or were simply super cool. Like the Baseball Hall of Fame, there is a five-year waiting period, so those clubs on the Hot List from 2019 through this year are not eligible. Induction was not reserved solely for companies with the fattest R&D budgets. You’ll also see clubs from companies you have never heard of or ones that are no longer in business. Here are the 36 clubs that we deem HOF worthy.