Random Daggers

Seemingly innocuous hole-in-one photo draws harsh criticism from Golf Twitter

October 18, 2023

What's the sneaky best part of making a hole-in-one (not that I would know)? Sharing it on social media so everyone can congratulate you! Or, at least, pretend to congratulate you. Some of us aceless golfers are quite bitter!

But one man didn't exactly get the reaction he was expecting from Golf Twitter. Because of what else appeared in the photo.

PGA of America professional Steve Scott, AKA the guy who almost stopped Tiger Woods from winning three consecutive U.S. Amateurs back in the day, tweeted out the photo of the smiling man in that familiar pose of holding up his golf ball while pointing one finger to the sky. But what made this photo different is that the guy's pushcart was on the green with him. And Steve—and others—questioned that move:

It's a fair question, Steve. And it started somewhat of a heated debate. Here were some of the most fiery reactions:

Tough crowd! But the guy (Congrats on the ace, by the way!) did have some people on his side:

So which side is right? It seems like it depends on the course. But we're inclined to give the guy a pass. After all, he just made a hole-in-one and that can cause people to temporarily lose their minds. Again, not that I would know.