Let's Get Ready To Rumble!

Brooks Koepka is totally down for Jake Paul's proposed $1 million fight against Bryson DeChambeau

October 20, 2023

Golf fans are well aware of the feud between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau. Before LIV Golf came along, it was basically all we talked about. Ah, simpler times.

But the two have squashed their very public beef since joining the new league. And this summer we declared it officially dead when Brooks surprised everyone by posting this photo.

Awww. But that doesn't mean their rivalry can't be resuscitated. For the right price, that is.

And for that, we bring in Jake Paul. The YouTube star and professional boxer had Koepka on his BS w/Jake Paul podcast, and he offered to put up a $1 million purse for the two golfers to fight each other in the ring. Not surprisingly, Koepka was totally down. Have a look:

Also not surprisingly, Koepka is totally convinced he'd win the fight. Easily. When a co-host says "Bryson in shambles, am I right, after that fight?," Koepka responded, "Oh, he will be, don't worry."

So there you go, Bryson. Those are fighting words. Literally. And now the ball is in your court. We're guessing this will go the way of the proposed Elon Musk-Mark Zuckerberg fight, but we can always dream.