Random Daggers

Vegas oddsmaker dunks all over LIV Golf's team finale with shocking reveal

October 20, 2023

Chris Trotman/LIV Golf

Depending on who you talk to, LIV Golf is either doomed or about to dominate the pro golf landscape. Yes, we're referring to the ever-optimistic Phil Mickelson with the latter. But while there are questions about the league's future—especially with the partnership with the PGA Tour still being worked out—the numbers haven't seemed to be on LIV's side.

First, there's the matter of painfully low TV ratings on the CW that magically seemed to vanish after a few (tough) weeks. Then there's the repeated denial of Official World Golf Ranking points. And now, as we head into the team championship at Doral, one Vegas oddsmaker has delivered quite a dagger as well.

This week's event, which started Friday afternoon, is the season finale and it's supposed to be a big deal. Afer all, the entire basis of LIV and why it's so different than the PGA Tour is that it's a team-driven league. But according to Superbook Sport's Jeff Sherman, no one is betting on it. Literally.

ONE ticket?! At one of the biggest sportsbooks in the land?! How is that possible?!

But somehow, it gets even worse. Golf News Net's Ryan Ballangee asked Sherman to compare this week's LIV betting action to that of the PGA Tour Champions, AKA the Senior Tour, and, well . . .

Ouch. This doesn't mean LIV is dead, but people will bet on anything, and yet they aren't betting on LIV's biggest team event? That can't be a good sign.

Sherman added that SuperBook discontinued Korn Ferry Tour wagering because of a lack of interest, but that PGA Tour gambling is going strong and that the LPGA is "gaining momentum." But hey, maybe there's a lot of late action coming in from LIV sharps. Especially after Sherman's original tweet.

Nope, never mind.