These Guys Are (Insanely) Good

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME: Pro hits wedge across the range into the hands of Geno Bonnalie

You know those moments during a golf broadcast when you hear a player-caddie conversation, and the player is in search of an "exact" number? You've probably rolled your eyes in one of those moments, and maybe even said something along the lines of "just hit it, dude." In reality, these guys are so good that they can hit it that exact number, which is why they make sure they get it before hitting.

Case in point, this video of Mark Hubbard on the Narashino CC range at the Zozo Championship earlier this week. The clip, posted to Instagram by Joel Dahmen's caddie, Geno Bonnalie, shows Hubbard addressing his ball as he prepares to hit a wedge shot across the range in the direction of Bonnalie, who is over in the short game area with his boss man.

Read that again - ACROSS the range. For us mere mortals, this is possibly the most dangerous thing you can do at a range, whether it's a full range or there are only 1 or 2 other people on it. But Hubbard is a master of his craft, which is why it should come as no surprise that he managed to hit it directly into Bonnalie's right hand. Insane:

There's dialed, and then there's this. Honestly, though, Geno's catch might be more impressive. You ever try to catch a golf ball on the fly with your bare hand like this? No thank you. Geno's hands might be softer than Hubbard's. 

And if you're wondering what Geno's caption is referring to, here's Hubbard (purposely?) topping a driver off the tee a day earlier, than ripping that same driver off the deck in the second slide:

These guys are (stupid) good.