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Death, taxes, and Jim Nantz announcing random golfers' shots at Pebble Beach

It costs a pretty penny to play at Pebble Beach. But once you come off the sixth green and make your way to the seventh tee, you begin to realize it was all worth it. Now, just imagine Jim Nantz showing up to call your tee shot into the iconic par 3? We'd pay double for that experience.

One group didn't have to pay double earlier this week, the legendary voice of golf on CBS randomly showing up as he so often does at his favorite place in the world. Nantz has done this many times before (once for Golf Digest's own Dave Shedloski!), most recently at the 14th tee for a random golfer.

This latest video comes from No. 7, with Nantz putting on a hilarious spin and starting with a "Tonight on CBS begins with 60 minutes" line before effortlessly going into play-by-play mode for this lucky freaking guy:

@jdprogolf Just a quick cbs coverage of this casual round of golf at Pebble Beach. Thankyou again Mr. Nantz #golf #pro #titleist #highsoftshanks #pebblebeach #jimnantz ♬ original sound - Jason

Doesn't get much better than that. Well, unless the guy made a hole-in-one. Personally, I'd just be happy to not shank one into the ocean with this legend standing behind me. But our guy David Lorenz here stood up to the challenge and knocked one on with some serious action on it. "Protecting that lead here," says Nantz, as Lorenz played to the fat part of the green for safety. Great stuff, as always, from Nantz, who does this out of the goodness of his own heart. Meanwhile, I'm sure folks would pay big money for a similar experience, though that would completely ruin the organic nature of it. If you ever get the luxury of playing at Pebble, all you can do is hope and pray that Nantz is out for a little stroll that day.